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Vector helmet, blizzard
A revolutionary helmet that's ideal for long routes, alpine climbs and other weight-sensitive missions. Lightweight protection, excellent ventilation and comfort. Geometric, co-molded EPS foam and polycarbonate shell. In-mold headlamp clips provide an ultra-secure attachment.
Vector helmet, orange
A revolutionary helmet that's ideal for long routes, alpine climbs and other weight-sensitive missions. Lightweight protection, excellent ventilation and comfort. Geometric, co-molded EPS foam and polycarbonate shell. In-mold headlamp clips provide an ultra-secure attachment.
Half Dome helmet
This redesigned Half Dome has improved fit and weight savings of more than 40 grams over the original. All-purpose workhorse ideal for everything from cragging to alpine expeditions. Custom-designed wheel adjuster for quick, secure and precise adjustments. Blizzard / Tropic.
Armour helmet
A durable helmet, with very good ventilation, so a top choice if you are often climbing in the sun, or your head gets hot and sweaty. This helmet is easy to adjust, and has head torch attachment clips, so is a great choice for Alpine climbing.

Cyborg crampon, clip
Sizes: fits boots 36-46
: 1080 grams
From vertical ice routes in Switzerland to hard alpine mixed routes in the Canadian Rockies, this is a high-end ice and mixed climbing crampon. Built with a semi-rigid stainless steel construction, the Cyborg's versatile design can be converted from dual- to mono-point, and the hooded vertical frontpoints provide solid bite on everything from tenuous ice blobs to horizontal rock edges.
Grivel G14, New Matic
Sizes: fits boots 36-47
: 1240 grams

This crampon is essentially the body of the classic G12 crampon, with an adapted front section with forged vertical front points. This give excellent climbing performance on waterfall ice, get the safety and all round ability of the crampon for descents and traverses. If you were to buy just one set of crampons to do everything from Rjukan to Mont Blanc, these would be it.
Sabretooth crampon, clip
Sizes: fits boots 36-46
: 925 grams
All-around crampon for everything from moderate ice routes to big alpine faces. The horizontal frontpoints provide secure bite on snow, alpine ice and rock edges, while the technical secondary points create a stable platform in softer conditions. The stainless steel construction won't rust, and resists snow balling underfoot. Fits boot sizes 36-46. 46+ requires a longer bar, bought separately.
Grivel G12, New Matic
Sizes: fits boots 36-47
: 1040 grams

The absolute classic 12 point crampon designed for mountaineering and moderate ice routes. The front four forward-facing front points are especially agressive, and provide great stability on steep terrain, and the four lateral points provide high levels of traction and security on the descent. Anti-balling plates are supplied as standard.
C12 newmatic crampons
Sizes: fits boots 36-47
: 1020 grams
Semi-rigid 12-point chromoly steel crampons for classic mountaineering and alpine routes. 3D shaped construction increases the strength and durability of the crampon. The newmatic binding is ideal for B3 rigid mountain boots, or ski touring AT boots. Anti-balling plates are included.
Air Tech, New Classic
Sizes: fits boots 35-46
: 888 grams
(inc. anti-bott)
These are the stronger chromolly steel crampon version of the air tech lite, so are suited to all mountain activities from ski touring to mixed climbing. Supplied with anti-balling plates. It has the new-classic binding system, which means they can be attached to any kind of footwear.
Air Tech Lite, New Classic
Sizes: fits boots 35-46
: 596 grams
(inc. anti-bott)
These are our lightest ski touring crampon that is supplied with anti-balling plates. It has the new-classic binding system, which means they can be attached to any kind of footwear. The light alloy is designed for snow, and they crampons are fragile on mixed ground or on glacial moraines.
Contact crampon, clip
Sizes: fits boots 36-46
: 808 grams
This lightweight crampon is ideal for mountaineers, skiers and hikers. Its stainless steel construction won't rust and avoids environmentally toxic coatings that wear off. The compact, 10-point design offers easy walking, the bindings fit to any boot, and ABS plates are included.
XLC 470 semi-auto crampon
Sizes: fits boots 36-47
: 470 grams
Super light ski touring alloy crampon from Camp, with a heel clip and plastic toe bail, so ideal for ski boots. Note that these are sold without anti-balling plates, as they are for those seeking to cut every gram of weight that they are carrying for a hut to hut ski tour such as the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt.
Neve crampon, strap
Sizes: fits boots 36-46
: 576 grams
Ideal super light crampon for ski mountaineering, the crampon features a 10-point aluminum design for lightweight functionality. Attachment configuration accommodate both technical and non-technical footwear, while the aggressive yet flexible construction keeps you moving confidently on steep snowy terrain.
Grivel Spider instep
This instep crampon is fitted with 10 points, and is a tough, lightweight and minimalist walking crampon. It is very simple and attaches to any boot or approach shoe to aid grip on frozen ground, ice or even mud. Spiders may be adjusted to any shoes without tools. It is not a substitute to real crampons, and is for minimalist or emergency use only. It may also appeak to winter trail runners.

Crampon accessories  
Long extension bar 190mm
This longer bar will fit G10, G12, G14 and the Airtech crampons. For feet of 10.5UK size or larger, and is especially useful for fitting Grivel crampons to bulky ski boots. There is a useful notch next to the adjustment holes, to allow the bars to be flipped over and used on the opposing crampon to accommodate small feet.
Crampon storage bag
With a mesh top to allow ventilation for damp crampons to dry out, this crampon bag is designed for storing your crampons between trips or when travelling with them in your pack, to stop any holes being made. Equally useful for storing ice screws or spare ice axe picks in too.
Grivel Crampon Safe
The Crampon Safe stows your crampons in a safe way.
It protects the contents of your rucksack from the sharp points of your crampons. Solid reinforcement on the bottom. Wide opening with two zips and easy fitting through the big opening. The front mesh allows transpiration and helps the drying of the gear.

Bod harness, with belay loop
Sizes: M, L, XL
Weight: 495 grams
imple, versatile and comfortable, the Bod provides the essentials for all vertical adventures with a functional fit. Fleece-padded waistbelt with traditional buckle. Quick-release leg loops constructed from nylon webbing. 4 gear loops. 12 kN-rated belay and haul loops.
M: Waist 74cm - 84cm (29" - 33")
L: Waist 81cm - 91cm (32" - 36")
XL: Waist 89cm - 99cm (35" - 39")

Couloir harness
Sizes: M/L, L/XL (grey / orange)
Weight: 230 grams
Packable to the size of a soup can, the superlight 230g harness is designed to be the essential skiing and mountaineering harness. Quick-release leg loops allow fast and easy changes while wearing skis or crampons, it can be worn comfortably under rucksacks or over layers of clothing.
M/L: Waist 81-86cm | Leg 51-66cm
L/XL: Waist 89-107 | Leg 62-76cm

Quartz CR harness
Sizes: S, M, L
Weight: 493 grams
Our most versatile harness, popular with ice and alpine climbers looking for a harness that also excels on rock. The waist is comfy 4-mm perforated EVA foam, and 2 Sicura buckles on the waist belt allow maximum adaptability for layers.
S: Waist 25-30 in | Legs 18-22 in
M: Waist 28-34 in | Legs 18-26 in
L: Waist 31-37 in | Legs 26-30 in

Alp 95 harness
Sizes: M, L, XL
Weight: 95 grams
This is the lightest fully rated harness in the world. It has been stripped to the minimum essentials, and is a top choice for ski mountaineering racing and touring. There are no gear loops, so it is stripped to the minimum.
S: Waist 25-29 in | Legs 17-19 in
M: Waist 29-33 in | Legs 19.5-21 in
L: Waist 33-37 in | Legs 21-23 in
XL: Waist 37-41 in | Legs 23-25 in

  Ice screws    
Grivel Ares harness
Sizes: 1 & 2
Weight: 381 grams
Great alpine harness. The new and special design allow a fantastic freedom for the legs with no compression points in the front part. Fully adjustable with 4 buckles. It benefits from the latest Web-Core technology. A simple and intuitive model. Size 1 fits waist 67-87cm, legs 45-59cm. Size 2 fits waist 80-106cm, legs 51-65cm.
Express Ice Screw, 16cm
The easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet. It features a tapered tube where the teeth cut a hole just larger than the tube itself, for less friction during placements. A large crank allows uninterrupted 360-degree motion.
Ice Clipper rack
Compatible with nearly any climbing harness, the Ice Clipper sits flat against the waistbelt for the most functional and popular ice screw holder around. The deep basket holds up to six screws and also makes a super convenient place to clip off your tools during belays, raps or free moves.

Ice axes    
Viper ice axe, adze / hammer
Sizes: 50cm
Weight: 651g adze, 631g hammer
A technical, all-terrain tool, ideal for ice and technical alpine climbing. The Viper is built with a hydroformed shaft to increase stiffness and reduce weight, while maintaining exceptional clearance and balance.
Laser pick, Viper Strike and Fang are included, modular head design. Removable upper & lower pommels. Shaft CEN-T, pick CEN-B.
Air Tech Evo, with leash
Sizes: 53cm
Weight: 473 grams
The new version of the famous Air Tech axe.
The head, which is hot forged from a single piece of steel, has become an established alpine classic.
The new shaft’s gentle curve just below the head gives greater clearance and makes anchoring easier on any sort of terrain, whilst the lower straight part of the shaft will penetrate into snow with little effort.
Raven Ultra ice axe
Sizes: 55cm
Weight: 352 grams
This is a perfect lightweight ice axe for ski touring. It features a polished stainless steel head and spike. The head is designed with an aggressive pick and a large hole for a karabiner. The axe is CEN-B certified. This is the lightest ice axe we stock, and it handles well for its weight.
Air Tech Racing
Sizes: 48cm
Weight: 400 grams
One of the lightest forged head axes in the world, and ideal for lightweight ski touring or Alpine use. The gently curved shaft makes it ideal for ice axe arrest. Made out of chromolly steel, with a hot forged head, classic shaped pick and adze, and a
B rated shaft.
Raven ice axe, grip
Sizes: 55cm
Weight: 505 grams
Classic ice axe with a lower grip and a Slider Leash for increased security and versatility. The aluminum shaft and investment-cast stainless steel head provide durable, functionality whether you're plunging up a snowy couloir or traversing a ridge. Comfortable dual-density grip.
Neve ice axe
Sizes: 50, 57, 65cm
Weight: 425 grams
A great lightweight axe for Alpine ski touring and snow routes, yet highly durable and with a light slider wrist loop leash. It is as suitable for UK hill walking, as for Summer Alpine courses or the Haute Route ski tour. This versatile axe is one of the most popular ice axes in the world at present.
Grivel Ice Axe Guard
Protective cover for ice axes and adzes to avoid damage to rucksacks, the climber and others during transport. Once on the wall it can be folded back onto the shaft or removed freeing the ice axe. Also suitable for ice axes with a hammer. Note that the axe pictured is not included!
Double spring axe leash
Double spring leash including 2 screw gate karabiners. This is ideal for leashless style ice climbing, to provide you the security in case of dropping a tool.

Slings & prussics    
10mm Dynex runner, 120cm
Keeping rope drag and rack weight to a minimum, 10 mm Black Diamond Dynex™ Runners have a tight weave that increases durability and decreases bulk. Dynex is highly abrasion resistant, strong and lightweight.
Tendon round sling, 120cm
These are sewn round slings, of 120cm in length (240cm in circumference) which is ideal for use on belays, and for cow-tail safety systems on the front of your climbing harness.
18mm Nylon runner, 120cm
Versatile, strong and extremely durable, these Nylon Runners are the classic option for extending gear placements and building anchors. Wide selection of colours available.
Dynemma 240cm runner
This 240cm length is ideal for building anchors on trad climbs or for big snow belays such as bollards or multi-ice screw protected anchor points. Note the 240cm is the total extension of the loop.
Dynemma 60cm runner
This 60cm length is ideal for extending runners to reduce rope drag on a trad or ice climb, and also for use as a short 'cow-tail' on the front of an Alpine harness.
Prussic cord, 1.5m x2, 6mm
We sell two 1.5m lengths of cord, ready to be tied into two prussic loops. After you tie a double fishermans, and if you allow sufficient length tails each side of the knot, each loop will be about 30cm long, so ideal for backing up abseils. We don't supply the loops pre-tied, but if you are on an Icicle course, your instructor will teach you how.

Belay devices    
Grivel Master Belay Kit
A great belaying kit of the Grivel Master belay device, which is designed to handle single or double ropes, supplied with the Omega Screwgate karabiner, to provide an ideal belaying set. This kit is equally suited to climbing wall use, or for Alpine routes.
ATC belay device
ATC provides lightweight and durable belaying and rappelling performance. This classic design features a large surface area that dissipates heat when lowering or rappelling, and the smooth-handling geometry accommodates rope sizes from 7.7 mm to 11 mm.
ATC belay device
ATC provides lightweight and durable belaying and rappelling performance. This classic design features a large surface area that dissipates heat when lowering or rappelling, and the smooth-handling geometry accommodates rope sizes from 7.7 mm to 11 mm.
Cassin Piu belay device
Engineered to provide solid lock-offs when belaying and smooth abseils. The thick walls also help prevent over-heating and ensure greater durability. The extra hole allows it to be used as an auto-blocking device when belaying one or two seconds. For ropes 8-11mm.

Screwgate Karabiners    
Airlock screwgate karabiner
A full-sized screwgate locker that is simple and easy to operate. Large internal volume holds stacks of cordage and bulky knots. Unique shape stabilizes the biner to harness interface - resists biner flop. Lightest for its size, with anodized body and gate.
Orbit screwgate karabiner
The Orbit Screw Gate has a nose profile that easily slips into and out of webbing and old pegs making it ideal for setting up snag-free anchors. While wonderfully lightweight, the Orbit Screw Gate also maintains a good size with ample inner area for ropework.
Grivel K5N screw karabiner
In a rare concession to being lightweight, Grivel produced these great screw gate karabiners which weigh in at 65g. It is a versatile karabiner for securing gear and ropes..
HMS betlock screw karabiner
This karabiner has a classic HMS shape. The bet lock gate is designed to eliminate the chance of the rope snagging when clipping as it has a "keylock" closure rather than a pin & hook finish.

Snapgate Karabiners    
Hotwire snapgate karabiner
The world's first wiregate has been revamped with an updated, 20% lighter hot-forged design. Its optimal size-to-weight ratio, flat gate-to-rope interface and resistance to freezing up in alpine conditions all ensure its continued popularity.
Grivel K2 wiregate karabiner
These gamma wire gate karabiners weigh just 36g each, and are easy to handle, equally suited for sport climbing or for your Alpine rack. The 3D forged shape is very strong.
Nano23 karabiners 6-pack
Assorted six-pack (2 polished, 2 bronze, 2 orange) of Nano 23's. The Nano 23 weighs just 23g and is the lightest EN certified karabiner available anywhere.
Nano23 karabiner
At just 23g the Nano 23 is the lightest full-strength karabiner in the world. It's ideal for those that want to cut weight down to the minimum, so it's particularly good for climbers on multi-pitch trad routes.

Half rope, 30m, 7.9mm
A great choice of rope for those looking for an Alpine rope for glacier travel, ski touring, or 4000m peaks, where you are not doing any pitched climbing. A 30m rope is an ideal length for short roping.
Half rope, 50m, 8.5mm
If you are a keen climber, who is leading routes, and placing gear, then two half ropes are a great choice. Join them together for full rope length abseils, and by using two ropes on trad climbs, you reduce the friction at the runners, as well as have an increased margin of safety.
Full rope, 60m, 10.5mm
If you want to buy just one rope to use for all your climbing needs, then this is the one for you. A single rope is great for using at a crag or climbing wall, and can be used for ice climbing or any pitched climbs. We selected a 60m rope, as it allows abseils of 30m when doubled up.
A&D Ascender (R hand)
Multi-function device can be used as ascender or descender using the hole of the forged plate. Easy handling due to the ergonomic rubber grip. Weight: 258 grams. Essential kit for any climb or expedition involving fixed ropes.

Bulk bundles    

Climbing Safety Kit Bundle
HMS karabiner x 1, Screwgate karabiners x 2, 120cm slings x 2, Prussic cord x 2, Belay device x 1
A comprehensive safety pack, for all those seeking a basic Alpine kit.
Full price £11.99 + (£10.50 x 2) + £13.00 (£6.50 x 2) + £3.00 + £16.99 = £65.98
Glacier Safety Kit Bundle
Airlock karabiner x 1, Hotwire karabiners x 2, 16cm Express ice screw, Dynex 120cm slings x 2, 30m 1/2 Rope, Prussics x 2
Crevasse rescue and glacier travel bundle, also ideal for snow climbs.
Full price £9.99 + (£7.99 x 2) + £49.99 + (£13.99 x 2) + £65 + £3 = £171.94
Mountaineering Essentials
Raven Grip ice axe, Sabretooth crampons, Half Dome helmet, Bod harness
The mountaineering essentials bundle includes top quality ice axe, crampons, helmet and harness.
Full price £79.99 + £135 + £49.99 + £44.99 = £309.97
Ski touring lightweight
Alp 95 harness 95g, Raven Ultra ice axe 352g, BD Neve crampons 576g, Speed22 pack 630g
A great package for ski tourers who want to save on every gram of weight that they are carrying, yet still to have top performing kit..
Full price £49.99 + £84.99 + £109 + £79.99 = £323.97

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