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Podcasts are free downloadable audio files, and you can listen to them on your computer or on an MP3 player such as an iPod. Topics range from training to the choice of equipment, and from advice for particular mountains to what boots to use.

You can choose to download any specific podcasts that you would like, or if you would like to listen to any new podcast releases, then you can subscribe to get future podcasts using the iTunes or RSS buttons below.
Podcasts are automatically sent to your computer and loaded onto your iPod or MP3 device. They are discreet (not streaming) files, so listen on a web page, computer, or iPod / MP3 player / phone.
You can listen to podcasts during your morning commute, at the gym or even sneekily whilst at work. The key advantage is the portability and flexibility for you, to listen where and when you want.
Training for Mont Blanc
This really is a no holes barred podcast, where we explain exactly what an ascent entails physically and technically too, and give examples of good UK hill training...
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Climb the Matterhorn
If you've ever wondered what it is like to attempt the Matterhorn, the skills required, and the suggested training for this peak, then this podcast answers it all
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Choosing Alpine boots
We explain the choice of boot types and styles, crampon compatability, insulation and flexibility, and suggest which are the best for a wide variety of activities...
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Get into trail running
Trail running is a fastgrowing sport, and this podcast explains what it involves, how to get into it, and also goes through all of the equipment that is required
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Start out snowshoeing
This podcast lifts the lid on the fastest growing winter sport of snowshoeing, what equipment is required, what to wear, and what avalanche safety kit to use...

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