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Buying all the kit you require for a course might work out very expensive, so at least half of those on our trips prefer to hire the technical equipment they require. We have a large stock of rental equipment, stocked from top brands which we generally also stock in our shop in the Lake District.

Our Windermere shop has a stock of hire equipment, that is solely available to Icicle course clients. Sorry we do not rent our equipment to anyone else.

Clients can collect their hire equipment in person to use for in the UK, or on courses further afield such as in the Alps.

For some items such as ski rental, we work with several Alpine hire kit partner shops, who offer preferential rates to course clients.

Hire equipment is allocated on a first come first served basis, though generally it is guaranteed available up to a month before a trip date.

For some items such as ski rental, we work with several Alpine hire kit partner shops, who offer preferential rates to course clients.

We provide all the technical ice or rock protection equipment, such as ropes, ice screws and cams, during the guided elements of your course. If you are extending your stay, or wish to climb in your free time, please bring your own equipment. Use of this is at your own risk.

Equipment bundles
Rental Item
Alpine bundle
(throughout the year)
= £80 / week
Harness, helmet, classic mountaineering ice axe, 12 point crampons, B3 boots, 1x sling,
1x prussic, 1x belay device, 2x karabiners.

Ski tour bundle
(December to May)
= £80 / week
Harness, axe, crampons, sling, prussic, 2x karabiners, Transceiver, Shovel, Probe.

Off piste bundle
(December to April)
= £40 / week
Harness, 1 x sling, 1 x karabiner, Transceiver, Shovel, Probe.

Avalanche kit
(December to May)
= £30 / week
Avalanche Transceiver, Shovel, Probe.

Mountain basics
Rental Item
Week £
Day £
Black Diamond Bod
Half Dome / RocStar
10 Point crampons
Grivel G10's
Glacier Haute Route
12 Point crampons
Sabretooth / G12's
Any to technical
Icefall crampons
Cyborg / Rambo's
Advanced tech ice
Classic Ice Axe
Camp Neve / Grivel
Non tech courses
Tech Pair Ice Axes
Black Diamond / Grivel
Advanced & ice
B3 Boots
Sportiva / Scarpa
Trekking poles (pair)
Technique Extreme
Climbing courses only
Running poles (pair)
A2-16 PTO / Leki
Running courses only
Technical safety kit pack
Rental Item
Week £
Day £
1 x Sling
120cm tape sling
Any course, but
please note that
items cannot be
hired separately.
2 x Karabiners Screw Gate Karabiners
1 x Prussic Loop 1.5m cord loop, 6mm
1 x Belay Device ATC or Camp Piu
Winter courses avalanche kit
Rental Item
Week £
Day £
Avalanche ARVA
Ortovox / DTS Traker
All winter courses
Snow Shovel
Ortovox Beast
All winter courses
Avalanche Probe
Ortovox / BD USA
All winter courses
Avalanche safety airbag
Rental Item
Week £
Day £
Avalanche airbag
BD Halo 28 JetForce
All off piste courses
Try before you buy - rent one of these units for a week long Icicle course, and if you purchase a unit from us within a month of your course, not only do you receive a client discount (see kit discount booklet sent with booking), but also the cost of your rental is discounted from the price too, so you make massive savings.
Safety technology - First avalanche airbag system to use jet-fan inflation. Repackable airbag & rechargeable electronics system. Avy tools pocket, helmet holder and ice-axe attachment. Updated firmware. Features;
A. PIEPS automatic self diagnosis performs full system check on every startup
B. Travel-friendly, fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery support 4+ deployments per charge
C. Cordura airbag made from puncture-resistant automotive material is easy to repack for practice and multiple deployments
D. Jet fan inflates 200 L airbag in 4 seconds, and automatically deflates after 3 minutes to create a potential air pocket
Above are the prices of hire equipment, that our Windermere shop in the UK offers by the week. We only offer day hire prices for use in the UK, where kit is returned the same day. The day hire prices are indicative of what you would pay for this equipment in rental shops in the Alps, so you can budget effectively.

Windermere shop hire equipment terms

1. Items are hired on a first come, first served basis only.

2. The equipment hired is exclusively for use on guided days.

3. Payment is in £ pounds sterling paid by card in our Windermere shop.

4. There is no refund for use for individual days or parts of weeks.

5. If you damage or lose any equipment, you are expected to replace the item(s) on a new for old basis, of the same make and model supplied.

6. Please note that headtorches & clothing are not hired as they are obligatory equipment for all of our courses.

7. Crampons are only rented to those with / hiring B3 boots. Please note that crampons are not hired to those with B2 boots (e.g. Scarpa Mantas), as flexible sole units cause metal fatigue and crampon failure. It is the decision of the staff as to the category of boots they deem you have.

8. We are not responsible for equipment failure if mis-used or re-adjusted.

B3 boot sizing chart


Off piste / Ski touring equipment

We work in partnership with a few local hire shops in the Alps, who offer specialist off piste and touring ski equipment, and all our clients get a significant discount on the rental costs.

Please e-mail us your requirements at least one month before your course, so we can reserve it for you in advance, as there is no guarantee that you will be able to hire it upon arrival.

Please supply us with your boot size, and prefered ski size. We only reserve equipment for you, and when collecting it, you must ensure the fit, comfort, and the performance of all elements of the equipment.

Your contract is directly with the rental shop.

9. To reserve hire equipment, e-mail our Windermere office (see dossier).

Note that if reserving hire kit within 2 weeks (14 days) of a trip, a £20 supplement is added to the total hire kit fee, to encourage earlier kit rentals.

11. We only stock boots on the sizes listed, between UK size 4 and 13. Most manufacturers do not make any non-custom B3 boots any bigger / smaller.

12. Once you have hired and paid for equipment, you are sent a receipt. From this moment onwards, no cancellation or refund is possible for all or part of the order, as the equipment has been allocated to you for the duration of your course. When we guarantee to provide you equipment, you guarantee to accept it.
Renting boots? How to ensure a good fit and to avoid blisters, by sizing correctly

Many people are worried about hiring boots, and for many good reasons; we've all heard horror stories of crippling ski boots, or hiking boots that were worn it to someone elses foot shape. With B3 mountain boots, which is all we hire, you avoid these issues if you size correctly.

B3 boots have a soft insulation lining (usually thinsulate), and a stiff sole. This means that the padded inner is far softer than many boots, and the inflexible sole unit (designed as such to fit crampons) never bends into someone elses gait. In addition the toungue unit can be adjusted to alter the inner volume of the boot, to suit any foot shape.

When selecting a boot size, you should intially size compared to your best fitting and most comfortable pair of trainers, and then most people find one full size larger is ideal for B3 boots (i.e. size 11, if you are a size 10 usually).

The reason for slightly oversizing is twofold; your feet swell slightly with fluid retention when at altitude or if they are hot, and you want to avoid black toenails when kicking in with crampons or on a steep descent. This slight extra space avoids these issues, but on the flip side you need to ensure that the heel doesn't lift, and is securely laced into the boot.

For ski touring boots, we recommend the same slight oversizing, as per mountain boots. When trying on rental boots, it has to be your responsibility to ensure that they are a good fit before you accept them, and if they don't fit you should change them at the first opportunity. Blisters could stop your trip. Make sure you don't get them in the first place!

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