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We have the largest range of snowshoes of any outdoor shop in the country! They are selected by our UIMLA / BAIML snowshoeing guide team. These are the snowshoes that we use ourselves, and you can read more about the British Association of International Mountain Leaders by clicking here.
Evo Ascent 22" snowshoes
IN STOCK. Colours: Red (shown). These are some of the toughest snowshoes on the market. For users up to 80kg, of with tails on up to 114kg. PosiLock™ AT bindings and energy-saving Televator™ heel lifts help make this a real all terrain snowshoe, for all Alpine conditions.
Evo Ascent snowshoe tails
IN STOCK. Colours: Black (shown). These attachments fit on the back of the Evo Ascent snowshoes, and are ideal for users weighing over 80kg (up to 114kg), for use in deeper fresh untracked snow conditions.
TSL 305 Approach snowshoe
IN STOCK. Colours: Mint (shown), Dahlia (purple). User weight to 80kg.
This popular snowshoe is virtually the same as the 305 Escape (right), but has a less padded binding system. It is suitable for the same range of terrain, and is a versatile snowshoe for Alpine use.
TSL 305 Escape snowshoes
IN STOCK. Colours: Moon (shown), Magenta. User weight to 80kg.
This has the same features as the TSL 325, but is for lighter users. As with the 325, it has heel raisers for use on ascents, to take the strain off your calf muscles and achilles tendons. A popular snowshoe.
TSL 325 Approach Easy
IN STOCK. Colours: Green (shown) or Danube. User weight to 120kg.
This popular snowshoe is virtually the same as the 325 Escape (right), but has a less padded binding system. It is suitable for the same range of terrain, and is a versatile snowshoe for Alpine use.
TSL 325 Escape Easy
IN STOCK. Colours: Danube (shown) or Crystal. User weight to 120kg.
These are without doubt the most popular snowshoe in the Alps, and we use these on all of our snowshoe courses. They are very strong and durable, and give good flotation even in deep powder. Very versatile.

Note: All our TSL snowshoes are sold with a fabric bag included, for you to transport and store your snowshoes. It has a carry strap, and is sturdily built.
Writers for Snowshoe Mag!
We don't just sell snowshoes, but we are passionate snowshoers, and in our spare time we also write about snowshoeing for the Snowshoe Magazine. Click below for some of our recent articles that have been published in the mag...

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Lightning Escape snowshoes
IN STOCK. Colours: Black (shown). The premium of performance and traction, even on difficult snow terrain. The aggressive crampons and frame offers ultralight security especially on traverses. The best snowshoe for deep backcountry.
MSR snowshoe bag
IN STOCK. A great bag for storing or travelling with your snowshoes. It has carry handles and a shoulder strap for convenience, as well as two external attachment points for your trekking / ski poles.

Alps snowshoeing adventures
A week long course of backcountry snowshoeing, to explore the most remote corners of the Mont Blanc massif. The price includes guiding and B&B accommodation based in Chamonix.
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Snowshoers avalanche safety
A weekend course in Courmayeur or Chamonix, to learn snowshoeing avalanche safey. The price includes the guiding and loan of snowshoes and avalanche safety equipment.
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